Mitsubishi Space Software Co., Ltd.

System Solutions , Systems Integration , Analysis, Retrieval and other Information - Communication Services.


Company Information

Business Overview

Aerospace systems,  defense systems,  bioinformatics,  information and communication systems, disaster-prevention and environmental systems,  system integration,  ASP/products.

Aerospace Systems

MSS has been contributing in maintenance of rocket range facilities and in development of satellite launching vehicle of JAXA (previously called NASDA) ever since its corporate establishment.
MSS also has been extending its business to the below items:
(1)development of navigation & guidance for Japanese launch vehicle design verification, development of wind-tunnel facilities for aircraft, in addition to development of navigation & guidance for Japanese launch vehicle
(2)thermal structural & fluid analysis, design verification
(3)development & operation support for satellite & its ground systems, operation support for International Space Station (ISS), and support for application & analysis observation data of satellites.

Defense Systems

MSS has been contributing below items:
(1)software development for weapon systems including radars, missiles, and communication equipments.
(2)system & software development for intelligence systems.
(3)development of simulation for operations analysis & training.


MSS has been contributing in development & operation of DNA Bank System at National Institute of Agrobiological Sciences at the highest level in rice genome research in the world. MSS is also aggressively extending its business in leading-edge field including genomic drug discovery and order-made medicine.

Information and Communication

MSS has been designing advanced communications network for domestic and international communication carriers, railway companies, and local governments.MSS has been developing systems and on-board software for Electronic Toll Collection (ETC), Electric Power Steering (EPS), parking lot systems. MSS also developing car telematics applying information and communication technologies for the creation of safe and comfortable society.

Disaster Prevention and Environment

MSS has been providing research support and system development of analysis & simulation for earthquake applying its experience in development of online earthquake monitoring system of National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention. MSS also has been extending business for security system including earthquake alert distribution service using information from Earthquake Early Warning System of Japan Meteorological Agency,

System Integration

MSS has been contributing in system integration, operation, and maintenance of mission-critical system and backbone network system for government and private business, and also in requirement analysis and software development of general business systems.

ASP and Products

In information security sector, MSS has been developing and selling network forensic system which allows recording, searching and analyzing packets on network, and products including tools against targetted cyber attack, software that detects and manage personal information and corporate secret information in computers.
In medical support sector, MSS has been developing and selling chest X-ray diagnostic support system which generates image of chronological difference.
MSS also develops and provides service for cellular phone applications using geospatial information including satellite positioning, time, and map information.