Mitsubishi Space Software Co., Ltd.

System Solutions , Systems Integration , Analysis, Retrieval and other Information - Communication Services.


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President's Message

President Hideo Inoue

The corporate philosophy of Mitsubishi Space Software Co., Ltd. is "To contribute in information-driven society by new value creation applying our capabilities of science and technology based on state-of-the-art information and communications technology and software engineering." We have been developing business in cutting-edge area such as space systems since the initiation, defense systems, bioinformatics, disaster prevention & ambient systems, information & communications systems, systems integration, and ASP (Application Service Provider) & products focusing information security. Advanced technology for information & communication and software engineering with high quality & high reliability are our top priorities for which we have been making effort in technology innovation.

A number of issues for finance, environment, energy, etc. have been emerging in progress of globalization of politics and economy. We consider that ICT (Information and Communications Technology) will be applied to resolve these issues, and ICT industry is expected to provide with not only convenience but safety and security in life. Our corporate identity "Make a Smart Society" established at our 50th anniversary has intention to respond to these expectations. We will develop our business in defense and disaster prevention systems using satellites, and we will also contribute in application of bioinformatics in medical services and drug development, and in creation of comfortable society. In addition to these efforts, we will enhance business of products and services for prevention of information leak to contribute in information security which should be basis of information-driven society.

Looking forward next 50 years, we will make our best efforts to become a trusted company with "high quality and sophisticated technology" responding to customer needs quickly and practicing pre-emptive management. Through these efforts we will contribute in "creation of safe and comfortable society".

I deeply appreciate your continuing support for our business activities.