Mitsubishi Space Software Co., Ltd.

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Company Information

Our History

March 1962
Began operations as Mitsubishi TRW with the objective of producing and selling semiconductor products and process control systems as part of a joint venture between TRW Inc. of the United States and Mitsubishi Group companies, including Mitsubishi Electric Corporation.
June 1966
Signed a 10-year technology transfer contract for various space systems fields with TRW.
February 1968
Participated in formulating Japan's space development planning with the Science and Technology Agency's Space Development Promotion Section.
Began operations supporting various systems engineering projects.
April 1968
Capitalized at 500 million yen
March 1970
Moved business operations from the Mitsubishi Denki Building in Marunouchi to present location at the World Trade Center Building in Hamamatsu-cho.
October 1974
Ended joint venture contract with TRW.
June 1976
Changed corporate name to Mitsubishi Space Software Co.,Ltd.
July 1978
Attendant with expanding our production division, we established our Kamakura Works Office(currently Kamakura Division).
April 1982
Entered communications control business.
May 1984
Along with the expansion of our communications and control businesses, we established our Communications Equipment Office in the Kansai Region (currently Kansai Division).
July 1986
Entered defense systems engineering field.
April 1988
Established our Systems Research Laboratory (currently Kamakura Division).
Awarded 17th Prime Minister's Japan Industrial and Technology Award from the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun for "evelopment of the H-I Rocket."
May 1988
Established Tsukuba Office (currently Tsukuba Division).
December 1988
Recognized as a Systems Integrator by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry.
January 1989
Established affiliate company Nippon Advanced Technology Co., Ltd.
May 1990
Invested capital in Japan Manned Space Systems Corporation.
Entered car navigation systems business.
October 1992
Established Systems Operations Center (currently Kamakura Division).
Entered DNA Information Management Utilization Systems business field.
Entered Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) system business.
Entered Disaster Systems business.
April 1995
Established Information Engineering Center (currently Tsukuba Division).
June 1998
Established Tsukuba, Kamakura, and Kansai Divisions.
Expansion of the genome analysis and integration business.
March 2000
Received ISO9001 certification.
July 2000
Established System Engineering Foothold in Tokyo Area.
November 2002
Invested capital in Advanced Space Business Corporation.
Expanded business into security, Internet, and IP telephony and other communications fields.
April 2003
Received ISO14001 certification.
April 2004
Integrated our Tokyo area engineering and sales departments and established our Tokyo Division.
With this development, we now have four divisions; Tokyo, Tsukuba, Kamakura and Kansai.
April 2006
Received JISQ15001/privacy mark certification.
September 2006
Received ISO27001/ISMS certification.
March 2007
Establishment 45years
October 2008
Established Corporate Marketing & Sales Division.
April 2009
Reorganized to three divisions (Tsukuba, Kamakura and Kansai Divisions) decomposing Tokyo Division.
October 2010
Established Marketing & Sales Foothold in Nagoya.
February 2012
Established Chubu Branch office (currentry Chubu Division).
March 2012
Establishment 50years
April 2013
Established Chubu Diveision in Nagoya.